Causes of Eye Wrinkles

Are You Plagued With Wrinkles Around Your Eyes? 

If you are worried with wrinkles stop and just get to the core of what the problem is. You see, knowing the cause of your condition will help in finding you the perfect solution to your wrinkle issue. So let's cover the cause of wrinkles, from the beginning and introduce you to a couple good products that you can review and buy like Vivexin Wrinkle Remover

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Damage from the Sun

Yes sun light allows your skin to produce Vitamin D3 which is a catalyst that helps your skin function properly. But you only need about one to two hours of direct sunlight per day and often any more than that is damaging your skin because of the UV rays. A main reason your skin begins to deteriorate and get wrinkles to begin with is over exposure to sunlight. Over exposure kills skin tissue and cells and of course causes dramatic changes in the appearance and feel of your skin. Especially around the delicate skin areas around your eyes and mouth.

The Habitual Rubbing of Your Eyes.

Rubbing your eyes simply helps break down healthy cells and creates the black pockets under your eye. When in conjunction with over exposure to the sun wrinkles often appear early for those who rub their eyes a lot. Do all that you can to not rub your eyes just out of habit but only when there is  a need. when washing your eyes, remember this is a delicate area and only scrub enough to remove the dirt and nothing more.

Squinting your eyes too often

This comes right in line with people who get too much sun and find themselves squinting for hours on end. This causes wrinkles to form based purely on the contraction of muscles folding the sun damaged skin which leaves behind wrinkles. The ideal situation is to wear shades if you are tanning and only tan for about an hour a day.

The Aging Process

We all get older and there is nothing that can be done about the aging process. Based on how we eat and how long our bodies go without being able to produce the right chemical formulas that keep our skin shiny and elastic really determines how quickly your skin starts to wrinkle.  As we get older our bodies have to work harder at producing the elasticity of our skin and when you combine it with poor nutrition, where it's not getting the right building blocks to begin with, plus rapid damages caused by the skin, it is little wonder why our skin becomes wrinkled.

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Does Zetaclear Work To Kill Fungus?


Did you know that over 35 million people have some form of nail fungus?  It is an epidemic that no one is really talking a lot about for some reason. The key is to start treatment immediately to avoid any long term discomfort. Zeta Clear Reviews: Zetaclear works on thick discolored yellow and black toenails because it uses only proven natural ingredients that are proven to kill the fungus without damaging your skin and toes.iiy Below is some information if you want to try to make your own diy nail treatment at home. I don't recommend and I think it is better to simply get a proven product rather than experimenting at home but I want to provide you all the options.

What are the home remedies available for toenail fungus? written by: sumathidharshini

Toenail fungus is also called as onycomycosis is common in all countries.Infection in nail is caused by fungal organisms under the nails.The infected nails with fungus may become thick, discolored and brittle. It can be worrying to the people when it reveals signs of discolored appearance of the toenails.Slowly the infection may grow cramps and the infected nail may visible ugly.You cannot treat the nail fungus in one night. It is a distressing condition, tends to create physical and psychological indication.To prevent complications, it is good to deal the awful disease immediately when it occurs.Even though it develops gradually, it contains a nasty habit of establishing strongly.

What makes the fungi to attack you?

If the conditions stay favorable for the infection, it gets tough to cure the infection.A fungai group like humidity.They grow in damp areas of the body. When you use dirty shoes and socks for a long time and avail swimming pools regularly, it start to flourish on the nails. Some other factors like injury to nails, weakened immunity and diabetes that create you prone to the nail infection.The toenail fungus look thick with a black, white, green or yellow discoloration.After some weeks, nails become brittle, foul odor, adjacent skin becomes itchy, inflamed and painful.

Home remedies:

But on finding any indications of toenail fungus, you can avail some home remedies that will work excellently.There are numerous home remedies available for toenail fungus. Do you know that henna is the best treatment for this problem? Get some henna leaves, prepare a paste and put the paste on the surface of the affected area.It contains germicidal properties that surely assist to kill fungal infection.


Another home remedy that is available for this infection is using banana. Buy a yellow colored banana and mash the banana along with neem water. Put this on the affected nail and let it to dry. Wait patiently for about an hour and then wash it away. Prepare a neem water by boiling neem leaves by taking one glass of water.

Tulsi juice:

Next best homemade remedy contains certain thing to perform with tulsi juice.It is prepared by grinding the leaves.Prepare lime juice, mix it with tulsi juice. Apply this combination on the affected area both morning and evening. This procedure cures the fungus as well as creates the toes beautiful.

Onion juice and turmeric powder:

Onion juice is also one of the best remedies to be used for toenail fungus infection.Get a onion slice and rub it on the affected area. This must get rid of the problems for good.By and big best of all remedies to treat the fungus is turmeric powder.Prepare a paste by using turmeric powder and put it on the toenail fungus two times daily.Applying this paste on regular basis will soften the nail and remove the organisms.This herbal product contains the ability to treat foot cracks also.

If the problem persists and if all the home remedies are not effective for your problem, then it is good to consult your doctor. He will recommend some oral medication to cure the toenail fungus.


Stretch Marks Removers

Got some great information about a topic that is really important to a lot of people, more women than men to be honest. The topic is stretch marks and how to get rid of them. After doing a Google search it came up with millions of pages and inquiries about the subject. I was personally a little surprised by how big an issue it obviously is to so many people. One of the top search that came up was "How to remove stretch marks from pregnancy"  and how to remove stretch marks from belly/stomach and thighs. Again, there are millions upon millions of pages about these subjects.

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I say all of that to tell you why it was so hard to narrow down the type of information I wanted to share with you. I normally like to do the research and provide my view point on the subject and dig up some good information that one really needs to know about solving the problem. 

So, #1. I found a very concise article I want to share with you that really tackles a number of areas really good. Now, the topic is just too vast to get all of the information you need from one article but this is a good start and hopefully will inspire you to go further with the research on your own.

#2. I believe this is a really good product that you can research as well. The site I want to send you to is Magiest.net - Revitol Stretch mark fading cream reviews. I will be honest, when I started researching this subject I hoped Revitol made a product specific to this issue because I already knew about Revitols Scar Removal Cream and all of the positive feedback that product has received. As expected, as I researched the reviews for their stretch mark cream it too got some good feedback.

You really don't have to live with stretch marks if you have a problem with them. There really are a number of good options that you can try that include cosmetic surgery. Rollers. Gels and of course stretch mark fading creams. Let this be a starting point for you.

Here's the article:

Stretch Mark Creams

You have probably heard the news by now but if you haven't I will repeat it. There are methods of lessening the appearance of your stretch marks. The most common of them at the moment is stretch mark cream.

The rich first realized that surgical procedures could be undergone to enjoy the removal of unsightly stretch marks from your life but quite obviously this option didn't fit the price bracket or the comfort bracket of millions of women suffering from the condition of stretch marks, scientifically known as Striae.

So as they do, scientists band together in their labs to invent the now popular stretch mark creams that can be seen from a simple web search for stretch mark cream. Stretch mark creams have been around for the last few years but have so far gained popularity on the internet more so than in the offline world.

So what do stretch mark creams do? After all it is the belief of most people that there is in fact no reliable cure for stretch marks.

Basically a stretch mark is a tear or damaging of the underlying tissue of the skin cells. The job of a good stretch mark cream is to penetrate deep enough into the skin that it can actually affect and by certain means heal and repair this damaged tissue causing a visible difference to the physical appearance of the skin.

For the most part stretch mark creams are compounds of natural ingredients and hence although they can be powerful do not require prescription. Keeping this in mind though, if you are looking at actually purchasing a stretch mark cream a few things should be considered.

Firstly you need to look on which level the stretch mark cream really works. Some stretch mark creams work on the outward appearance of the skin and work to tighten and firm the layers of skin nearest the surface and in doing so alter the skins appearance. While these stretch mark creams can produce results in changing the appearance of your stretch marks they won't actually penetrate to the cause of the stretch mark and work to fully heal it so that the mark that you see can eventually disappear.

The other type of stretch mark creams, the more effective and powerful type that is works on what is called a trans cellular level meaning that the active ingredients of the cream actually penetrates to the tissues below the surface of the skin to cause internal and hence more effective and longer lasting healing. It is when these tissues are healed, along with the combination of a healthy diet, will result in permanent removal of stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams retail on the market anywhere from $20 to $80 per bottle/jar/tube etc. Generally you will find that the second type of stretch mark cream mentioned will be at the higher end of the price scale due to the more advanced actions it performs and the more advanced technology they require, while the first type while being less effective will often be sold at the lower price.